R&D Project:

Forage Starting Over Do’s & Dont’s


Status: Completed

Project Timeline: January 2017 – December 2020


  1. Evaluate cover crops (the benefits and the risks).
  2. Evaluate the timing of seeding (including frost seeding).
  3. Explore the use of soil ammendments (including manure, compost, pulp slurry).
  4. Explore the use of innovative forage mixtures.
  5. Demonstrate new legume based mixtures.


2017 Season:

  • Completed reclamation evaluations on over 10 sites for longer term effectiveness evaluation.
  • Compiled biomass clippings on selected sites to compare production rates from seedings.
  • Observed in spring 2017: some species are less competitive & allow natural reclamation to slowly take place over time, while bromegrasses & alfalfa prevent weed encroachment.
  • Established winter seeding site in cooperation with Progress Energy, north of Hudson Hope.
  • Established species plots in cooperation with Fred & Liz Schneider near Pouce Coupe.

2018 Season:

  • Established forage mix/ % legume plots with Greg Hanson (Peace River Ranch) & Kendrews.
  • Established 2 sets of cover crop demonstrations & research plots with Kendrews and Schneiders.
  • Compared native grass to agronomic mixes with regards to establishment & production.
  • Established demonstrations of fall and winter seeding.
  • Worked with Shell Canada & community pasture producers to manage weed issues beyond the regulatory requirements including foxtail barley. This included interseeding as well as herbicide treatments.
  • Worked with South Peace Grain to demonstrate eco-tea applications at multiple rates with Ed McCullough, Rod Strasky and Jodi Kendrew.

2020 Season:

  • An update was compiled in the Spring 2020 issue of Forage First newsletter. See link under Factsheets & Documents section.

Other Resources

  • This project explored alternative methods of sharing results.
  • A set of 28 forage identification cards in a weather proof, field friendly format on a carbiner were produced.
  • The interactive webtool, i.e. Peace Forage Seeding Tool was upgraded as part of this project. See link on home page.

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Project Cooperators

  • Fred & Liz Schneider
    Unnamed Road, Pouce Coupe, BC V0C 2C0
  • Rod & Kim Strasky
    Farmington, BC
  • Jodi, John & Patt Kendrew
    Pouce Coupe, BC
  • Greg Hanson
    Fort St. John, BC
  • Sunset Community Pasture
    Unnamed Road, Sunset Prairie, BC V0C 2J0

Project Contacts

Funding & Industry Partners

  • Shell Canada
  • PETRONAS Canada
  • Agroworks
  • Flaman Rentals
  • Peace Region Forage Seed Association
  • South Peace Grain Cleaning Co-op (SPG)
  • Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC

Factsheets & Documents