Zero Till Vredo Drill

This Vredo drill is a zero till with the V-shaped disc that creates a slit in the soil. Then the smooth roller closes the slit by compacting the ground reducing 90% of soil erosion.

  • Empty weight of the drill is 3108 lbs.
  • Requires a three-point hitch
  • Min 90 horsepower.
  • working width of the drill is 2.85m (9’4”)
  • Transportation widths is 3.00m (9’10”)
  • Seeder can place the seed at a depth between 0-0.98 inches
  • Seed row spacing is 2.9 inches apart.

The meter wheel is ground driven and 28 cranks is 1/100 of acre. The drill is easy to calibrate and can seed from 2 to 30 lb/ac. Transportation of the drill is the responsibility of the renter.

Contact Fred Schneider 250-219-1221

For rental rates call Josh Stobbe 587-986-1041

Refer to Forage Facts #122 for more information.

Water Pumps and Pipes

Three Berkley irrigation pumps and 3 miles of 6” irrigation pipe have traditionally been used to refill dugouts in dry years as well as other water pumping jobs.

  • Berkley pumps are driven by a 540 PTO drive.
  • The pumps can discharge 1000gpm with an elevation lift of 10 ft. Longer pumping distances and/or increases in elevation will reduce the amount of discharge.
  • Pipe is mounted on a trailer and comes in 30” lengths. ⇒ Pipe trailers should be towed at a maximum 40 km/hr.
Area Contact Name Contact Details
North Peace Josh Stobbe 587-986-1041
Sunset Prairie Stan Smithard 250-843-7222
Tomslake Art Seidl 250-786-5558


Water Pumps & Pipe  Members  Non-Members
1st day pump + 1 mile of pipe $500  $600
Additional 1 mile of pipe $400  $480
Additional pump $100 $120
1st day pump only $350 $420
1 mile of pipe only $400 $480
Additional days both pump & pipe $250  $300
Additional days pump only $100  $120
Additional days pipe only $150  $180

Pasture Pipeline Plough Rentals

This plough enables placement of water pipe up to 18” deep for 1 mile or more from a water source. 

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE) pipe can be used and will need to be purchased separately.  

$75/day for members ($100/day for non-members) 

Contact Josh Stobbe

Tree Mulcher (aka Plastic Mulch Spreader) Rentals

This piece of equipment makes it easy to spread plastic mulch around tree plantings and thereby control weeds. 

The plastic mulch needs to be purchased from the PRFA and is an additional cost. 

$75/day for members ($100/day for non-members) 

Contact Josh Stobbe

Tree Planter Rentals

This tractor pulled tree planter efficiently plants tree and shrub seedlings in rows. It can be moved using a 1/2 ton truck with a 2” ball hitch.

$75/day for members ($100/day for non-members)

Contact Josh Stobbe

Feed Sampling Probe Rentals

A variety of feed probes are available to rent — drill or push type. Drill-driven probes require an 18 volt drill. Battery power drains quickly so have an extra one on hand for repeated sampling.

$10/day for members

Contact Nadia Mori

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