About the PRFA

About the PRFA: Objectives

  1. To promote, encourage, develop and protect the forage industry.
  2. To maximize information transfer and to increase forage knowledge.
  3. To develop forage opportunities & appropriate methodologies to apply knowledge effectively.
  4. To encourage maximum profit & environmental sustainability for members.
  5. To represent forage producers of the Peace River region in issues important to them.

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About the PRFA: History and Membership

The Peace River Forage Association was started in the summer of 1992. A research & development committee was formed and they developed the goals & objectives by which this association operates today.

In 1994, Peace River Agriculture Strategic Planning Society funded the BC Forage Council / BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries forage varietals & cultivar trials through our association. This helped the association pinpoint various worthwhile forage activities that could be carried out to the economic benefit of the local farming and ranching sector.

Our history as an organization is a colourful one and worth a read when you have time. This colorful history is documented in the Forage First newsletter archives; and is summarized in a tab under this one.

In 1998, a comprehensive work plan was developed that defined a number of forage opportunities.  Since then our strategy plan has been revisited and updated regularly.  Our most recent strategic plan (2020-2025) was developed from the feedback received from 100 of our members.

The Peace River Forage Association of BC began with a dozen committed individuals with a goal of having 100 members. Our association has surpassed that goal. As of March 2021, there were over 140 paid-up members representing a broad range of areas in the BC Peace River region. It fluctuates from year to year and seasonally but currently our mailing list of members and friends of forage totals close 200.

Currently the PRFA of BC Board of Directors includes 7 directors, and there are several committees. We also have advisors from BC Ministry of Agriculture, Agri & Peace River Regional District and 5 part time, as needed forage contractors. Through funding for R&D projects, the forage association has hired energetic summer students and technicians when possible.

Recent Membership Feedback:

During the spring, summer, and fall of 2020, feedback was collected from the members regarding how the association has been doing and where the association should focus in the future. Please click here to read the 2020 Members Feedback Report

About the PRFA: Sharing of Information

Information is shared with members of the Peace River Forage Association of BC in several ways: newsletters, forage facts, tours, field days, pasture walks, workshops, short courses, webinars & podcasts.

Forage First Newsletters

A newsletter, "Forage First" is mailed out 4 times a year. It communicates ideas with about 200 forage enthusiasts. It is compiled, published and distributed by the Communication Committee of the Association.

Forage Facts

The objective here is to compile useful tips and experiences to share with other forage producers. To date, 122 forage facts have been compiled & more are in progress. The Forage Facts project was launched in 2000 with appreciated funding from Peace River Agriculture Development. Since then funding through R & D projects has facilitated sharing information & results from these projects.  We especially thank all the supporters of the biannual Goods & Services Auctions for the seed money for this worthwhile project.

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Webinars & Podcasts

Eleven webinars were offered from Jan-March 2021 with topics encompassing Farm & Ranch Management, Pasture & Grazing Managment, Feed & Nutrition, Soil Health and Livestock Health.

To have access to these knowledgeable webinars please become a member so that you can view them in our members only portal.

Forage & Livestock Tours

We have held very successful tours every year since 1992. In 2001, over 150 people toured innovative ranches in the Groundbirch, Lone Prairie & Chetwynd areas. In 2003, the association hosted a tour in the Vanderhoof area.To date the Peace River Forage Association has hosted over 25 summer tours. For more information on the tours, go to the History section of our website.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions our Tour has been postponed and will resume in 2022.

Field Days, Pasture Walks & Winter Forage Club Meetings

The Association hosts Friendly Field days and Pasture Walks.  In the past, Forage Club meetings were held in the winter.

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1999 Environmental Stewardship Award

The Peace Region Forage Association of BC was presented with the BC Cattlemen's Association Environmental Stewardship Award in 1999. Tom Pittman, District Agriculturist in Fort St. John, made the nomination for the award. A judging panel consisting of a cattle producer, representatives from industry, environment & conservation organizations and a government official approved it. This award was received due to the 20 subprojects that the association had undertaken. These projects focused on four key areas: communicating, improving forage & grazing systems, addressing the wildlife situation & developing water systems. These projects are being carried on today.