Resources from Grant Writing Webinar

Resources from Grant Writing Webinar

On January 10th an Introduction to Grant Writing webinar was presented by Clear Course on behalf of the Peace River Forage Association of BC and the Peace River Regional District.

In case you missed the webinar or would like to review, here is a pdf of the presentation (PRFA_2024-Grant-Writing-Webinar_FINAL) and a recording of a previous grant writing webinar.

Clear Course has also provided additional grant writing resources.

  1. Agriculture Funding List Summary: Ag-Funding-List_Summary_Jan 2024_FINAL
  2. General Grant Resources: General-Grant-Resources_FINAL
  3. Common Grant Responses: Common-Grant-Responses_FINAL
  4. Grant Writing Tips: Grant-Writing-Tips_FINAL
  5. Class Estimates: Class-Estimates_FINAL

If you would like the following handy documents to use while grant writing, please send an email request to

  • Grant Proposal Preparation Form
  • Budget Template
  • Project Tracker Template

For upcoming grant writing events offered by the PRRD, please go to–workshops