Wildlife Mitigation: Fencing Information

BC Agriculture Fencing Handbook – how to order your own free fencing handbook from the Ministry of Agriculture

Ungulate Fencing

Crop Protection and Wildlife Control Fences – Fencing Factsheet from BC Agriculture Fencing Handbook.

Elk Exclusion Using Woven Wire Fencing – Fencing Factsheet from BC Agriculture Fencing Handbook.

Estimating Beef Cattle Fencing Costs – Cost Analysis done by Ministry of Agriculture in 2003.

Fences and Deer Management: A Review of Designs and Efficacy – scientific literature review of the most effective deer fences.

Fencing Guidelines for Wildlife – created by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in 2004.

Fence Planning and Estimating Worksheet – worksheet so you can plan fences specific to your operation

How to Build a Deer or Elk-Proof Fence – prepared by the Saskatchewan Environment Resource Stewardship Branch in 2005.

Using Electric Fences to Protect Stored Hay from Elk and Deer – Alberta Agriculture Agri-Fact.

Wildlife and Fences – page 3 of this Agri-News article which discusses wildlife friendly fences.

Predator Fencing

Electric Fencing Reduces Coyote Predation on Pastured Sheep – study conducted in North Dakota and Kansas in the late 70’s. Includes cost-benefit analysis.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours: implementation of electric fencing for establishing effective livestock protection dogs – tips on how to build electric fences that will keep livestock protection dogs from roaming and remain with the herd they are suppose to be protecting.

Practical Electric Fencing Resource Guide: Controlling Predators – produced in the US and contains many tips for electric fencing and different designs for bears, wolves, coyotes and mountain lions.

Protecting Livestock from Predation with Electric Fencing – Alberta Agriculture Agri-Fact.

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