R&D Project:

Water Pumping Program 1


Status: Completed

Project Timeline: January 2001 – October 2011


  1. To provide water pumping equipment on a rental basis, to allow farmers and ranchers to pump water to supplement their dugout water supplies.


  • Initial program was managed by PFRA (AAFC).
  • Program accessed 44 times between 2001 – 2003.
  • Program operated from spring to freeze up.
  • In fall 2011, PRFA of BC purchased in Ag Canada auction: 3 trailers each loaded with pipe & pumps.
  • PRFA of BC has 3 functional water pumping systems in the North & South Peace for rent.

See also: Services and Rentals page

Project Contacts

  • Rick Kantz
  • Art Seidl
  • Stan Smithard

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Funding & Industry Partners

  • Agriculture and Agri Food Canada (PFRA) - prior to Fall 2011