R&D Project:

Intensively Grazed Logged Lands Project


Status: Completed

Project Timeline: January 2000 – December 2003


  1. To convert woodland areas to productive pastures inexpensively
  2. To reduce aspen, poplar and willow re-growth by controlled grazing
  3. To extend the grazing period and improve the pasture management
  4. To share info in Forage Facts


  • Calendars of cattle movements, forage and plant descriptions and hundres of photos compiled for two seasons at three sites.
  • Key to this porject is livestock water developement and installation of a good high powered energizer with the electric fence.
  • Shared info in Forage Facts (listed below) and at Pasture Management Workshops in early 2002.
  • Collected data to show benefits of rotational grazing.
  • Compiled two Forage Facts in 2003.
  • Shared info through field days and winter Forage Club meetings as requested.
  • Looked at alternatives to control or setback poplar growth.
  • Used rotational grazing to continue to control woody growth.

Project Cooperators

  • Nimitz Family
    Sunrise Valley, BC, Canada
  • Hogberg Family
    Progress, BC, Canada
  • Burres Family
    Farmington, BC, Canada
  • Carroll Family
    South Dawson, BC, Canada

Project Contacts

  • Sandra Burton

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Funding & Industry Partners

  • Nimitz Family
  • Hogberg Family
  • Burres Family
  • HRDC Summer Career Placement Program
  • Agriculture and Agri Food Canada (PFRA)