R&D Project:

3D Wildlife Fencing Project Phase 2


Status: Completed

Project Timeline: April 2013 – March 2015


Short Term

  1. Determine efficacy of different 3D fence designs.
  2. Determine solution for chronic wildlife penetration.

Long Term

  1. Establish the 3D fence as an economical alternative to building permanent exclusion fences.
  2. Increase awareness and uptake of 3D options.


  • Demos of hot/cold grounding set up to eliminate snow insulating effects.
  • Demo of an alternative 3D fencing design (horizontal with diagonal component).
  • Demos of fenceline lures to attrack wildlife to touch electric outer fence.
  • Fencing Field Day with Jim Stone (Oct 2014).
  • Out of region fences built in Southern BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan!
  • Trips to visit Kootney & Ponoka 3D fences (2013 & 2015).
  • 5 forage facts generated (see Factsheets & Resources).
  • Presentations throughout the Alberta and BC Peace Region.
  • Numerous articles in the Forage First newsletter.

Project Cooperators

  • Bill Wilson
    Silver Valley, BC
  • Burton Kabzems
    Lebell Road, Farmington, BC
  • Glenn Hogberg
    Progress, BC
  • Fred & Liz Schneider
    Pouce Coupe, BC
  • John Kendrew
    Pouce Coupe, BC

Project Contacts

  • Talon Gauthier
  • Sandra Burton
  • Bill Wilson

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Funding & Industry Partners