Basic Membership 2021


Basic Membership Features

With your purchase of a Basic Membership, you’ll receive:

Membership price of $55 = $50 + $5 online convenience fee


Benefits of Membership

Here are the top TEN reasons to join the Peace River Forage Association of BC.

  1. To learn about forage production, soil health, pasture/ grazing management, watering/ fencing systems and livestock handling.
  2. To receive our quarterly newsletter, monthly email updates and social media posts.
  3. To access our extensive library of information on our website.
  4. To participate in research demonstration and development projects on innovative forage managment practices.
  5. To have access to our equipment rentals with member pricing.
  6. To network with other forage enthusiasts, environmentally conscious farmers and ranchers.
  7. To keep you up to date on the latest production techniques and current economic trends regarding both regenerative grazing and winter forage supply.
  8. To participate in the annual summer forage tour, pasture walks, workshops, and webinars with member pricing.
  9. To advance forage based agriculture.
  10. To set priorities for the Association and collaborate with other members/partners to implement our strategic priorities.

Membership = more opportunities