May the Forage Be With You

The PRFA of BC proudly presents May the Forage be With You: a weekly podcast series with engaging forage, livestock, soil health and pasture management topics.

Check out our first episode: a chat about ‘Forage Breeding and Forage Varieties’ with Dr. Bill Biligetu.  Dr. Biligetu is a forage breeder and Associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan. He is also the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Strategic Research Program Chair in Forage Crop Breeding. Find out more about the latest forage varieties in the works and the five basic questions to consider when you think about establishing a new forage stand.

Our next episode: discusses the How-Tos of Cattle Marketing (Part 1) with Brian Perillat, Manager of Canfax.  Although looking at cattle marketing charts can feel overwhelming, Brian can help you narrow down the key indicators to analyze, depending on the market you are interested in. Like anything, practice makes perfect, and Brian offers some easy first steps that you as a producer can take to get more comfortable with cattle marketing to ultimately capture more profits for your operation.

Please listen once a week, maybe while you eat lunch or cook supper.  You can click on the link and hear the episode on your morning commute. Or you can install the FREE Podbean App (Podcast App & Podcast Player – Podbean) to your phone or tablet, and download the episode ahead of time.  Search for the podcast series “May the Forage be With You” for our episodes. 

It’s going to be interesting, enlightening and fun too! Please come along for the ride.

Website Redesign

The PRFA is currently undergoing a redesign of our website with New Harvest Media. While the website may seem static or unchanged for this spring, it is still running and functional while a lot is going on behind the scenes for the redesign. Once transferring all of the existing pages to a new host and testing of the new site is completed, the new website (with its new look) will be live for members. We will of course let you know when our redesigned website is up and running.

Thank you to our Events Coordinator Samantha Dilworth

Thank you to our Events Coordinator Samantha Dilworth for her dedication, resilience and creativity in finding ways to provide events and extension during these Covid times.  Even though the Forage Extension and Mentionship Community Outreach Project is finished we hope there will be an opportunity to work together with Samantha in the future.

A summary of the 2021 Winter webinars are included in the spring 2021 newsletter (Forage First, 86th edition).

Other courses and pasture walks were covered in the winter 2021 and fall 2021 newsletter (Forage First, 85th and 84th editions.

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