Peace River Forage Association
Research and Development Projects

Wildlife Mitigation: Fencing Information

BC Agriculture Fencing Handbook - how to order your own free fencing handbook from the Ministry of Agriculture

Ungulate Fencing

Crop Protection and Wildlife Control Fences - Fencing Factsheet from BC Agriculture Fencing Handbook.

Elk Exclusion Using Woven Wire Fencing - Fencing Factsheet from BC Agriculture Fencing Handbook.

Estimating Beef Cattle Fencing Costs - Cost Analysis done by Ministry of Agriculture in 2003.

Fences and Deer Management: A Review of Designs and Efficacy - scientific literature review of the most effective deer fences.

Fencing Guidelines for Wildlife - created by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in 2004.

Fence Planning and Estimating Worksheet - worksheet so you can plan fences specific to your operation

How to Build a Deer or Elk-Proof Fence - prepared by the Saskatchewan Environment Resource Stewardship Branch in 2005.

Using Electric Fences to Protect Stored Hay from Elk and Deer - Alberta Agriculture Agri-Fact.

Wildlife and Fences - page 3 of this Agri-News article which discusses wildlife friendly fences.

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