Peace River Forage Association
Research and Development Projects

Soil and Nutrient Management - GHGMP

Project Objectives:

  1. To work with the Canadian & BC Taking Charge Teams of Soul Conservatin Council of Canada to organize Green House Gas Mititgatin Project (GHGMP) and associated demos.
  2. To provide coordination of demos about beneficial management practices (BMPs) that imporve productivity & reduce GHG emmisions.
  3. To organize a package of awareness activities related to climate change BMPs, including field days, tours, seminars, workshops & publications.

Project Progress:

  • Project timeline: Summer 2004 - 2005
  • Established 13 demos of BMPs in the Peace Region, including direct seeding forages and nutrient management with anhydrous ammonia applictor, manure & fertilizer in summer of 2004
  • Hosted 3 field tours in 2004
  • Collected yield quality & grazing info form comparisons
  • Establish 10 more demos of BMPs in 2005
  • Hosted more field days, tours and seminars to discuss BMPS and raise awareness

Funding & Industry Partners:
  • Soil Conservation Council of Canada
  • Agriculture & Agri Food Canada (PFRA)
  • Abbotsford Soil Conservation Association
  • Peace River Soil Conservation Association
  • Beef Cattle Industry Development (BCID)
  • Prairie Seeds
  • Rolla Agri Services
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Peace Tractor
  • Norwest Labs