Peace River Forage Association
Research and Development Projects

Offsite Water Systems

Project Objectives:

  1. Evaluate 3 winter water systems: Kelln solar pump, Frost Free nose pumps & CAP remote winter system.
  2. Continued demonstrations of livestock watering systems featuring geogrid, sling pump, windmills, portable solar watering and nose pumps.
  3. Share information from offsite water systems in newsletters, Forage Facts, field days and workshops.

Project Progress:

  • Project timeline: 2000 - 2003
  • Geogrid demo at Horst David's place.
  • Nose pumps demo with Glenn Hogberg.
  • Solar pump system with Fred Burres.
  • Kelln Solar Water System evaluated at Bill Wilson's.
  • Installed & evaluated Frostfree Nose Pumps at John Kendrew's and John Giesbrecht's places.
  • Evaluated CAP winter system with Glenn Hogberg.
  • PRFA of BCprovided writeup & evaluation.
  • Initially PFRA (AAFC) provided equipment & administration.
  • 6 Forage Facts published.
  • Jointly organized tour with Ducks Unlimited to tour water systems in the south Peace.
  • Program was advertised through Forage First and on website.

Funding & Industry Partners:
  • Agriculture and Agri Food Canada (PFRA)