Peace River Forage Association
Research and Development Projects

Interseeding To Improve Forage Quality & Quantity

Year: 2 of 3;
Project timeline: Apr 2019 - Mar 2022

Project Objectives & Components:

  1. Demonstrate if forage quality can be improved by seeding into existing stands & by exploring which species of legumes & grasses have the greatest potential fo success in interseeding. .
  2. Demonstrate if forage yield or carrying capacity can be increased by improved management practices such as intensive grazing or herbicide use.
  3. Determine if the new Vredo drill can seed into existing forage stands & if the success can be increased by improved management practices such as intensive grazing or herbicide use.
  4. Develop extension material, knowledge & resource people to provide strategic support to delivering on farm climate adaptation practices.
  5. Improve & enhance forage networks to enable a more resilient forage industry into the future. .

Project Progress:

2019 Season:

  • Set up demo plot with Mickey Zunti in Murdale showing 10 conventional rejuvenation plots compared to interseeding 15 species which included smooth bromegrass, orchardgrass, festulolium, alfalfa, birdsfoot trefoil, cicer milkvetch and sainfoin.
  • Organized plot seeding of 5 different mixes in       cooperation with Shell Canada on crown grazing 11 km off the Braden Road on the Sanataa.

2020 Season:

  • Set up hayfield plots in Silver Valley and pasture plots in Rolla, each with 7 different management plots. Each plot will be heavily grazed to eliminate competition of other species. Producer also interseeded alfalfa & smooth bromegrass into hayfield to fill in crop loss in swath areas. See link to the right for more details.

Funding & Industry Partners:

  • Dr. Nitya Khanal, AAFC Beaverlodge Research Farm
  • Trevor O'Dwyer, Agroworks
  • Shell Canada
  • Peace Region Forage Seed Association
  • South Peace Grain
  • Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC