Peace River Forage Association
Research and Development Projects

Interactive Soil and Forages Course Project

Project Objectives:

  1. Take lessons learned from pilot project in fall 2013 to develop case studies / field days where farmers and students can learn the basics of soils id, and forages id (both tame and native) & use these tools to give recommendations for successful revegetation/ rejuvenation/ establishment.

  2. Collaborate with UNBC to organize 2 course cycles of a series of 5 case study/ field day events in the Peace (field day timing to be fall (best time for soils) and early summer (best time for forages).

  3. Organize complimentary workshops, lectures, resource people and tools to assist with the integrative challenges.

  4. Instigate more dialog and effective information sharing between students, forage managers, revegetation consultants, university researcher/ professors, soils specialists, and range ecologists.

Project Progress:

  • Project timeline: Aug 2013 to Dec 2015
  • Pilot project launched in fall of 2013
  • First year of 5 session course cycle completed July 2014
  • Second year of 5 session course cycle completed July 2015
  • Forage members and environmental consultants found the days worthwhile
  • Industry & government funding partners committed to first & second cycle of UNBC-PRFA courses
  • Articles written in Forage First newsletter & Beef in BC magazine

Funding & Project Partners:
  • University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)
  • Shell Canada Ltd.
  • Peace River Agriculture Development (PRAD)
  • Blackbird Environmental
  • Synergy Aspen
  • Progress Energy
  • South Peace Grain Coop
  • Nor-Kam