Peace River Forage Association
Research and Development Projects

Improving Forage Productivity & Profitability

Project Objectives:

  1. Improve forage land productivity through increasing soil and forage quality by utilizing, monitoring and ehnacingĀ  our grazing management practices.
  2. Capture more economic and nutrient values from distributing manure through winter feeding practices or from spreading composted manure to determine recommended practices.
  3. Evaluate alternate legume species within both haying and grazing systems, and work with seed growers to improve the availability and cost of these alternatives.
  4. Evaluate, train, and develop prototypes, as appropriate, of on farm decision making tools such as seeding tool, grazing tool, soil quality field kit and drone field mapping by first developing and then ustilizing an user friendly economic analysis to capture theĀ  return on investment for various management practices.

Project Progress:

  • Project timeline: 2017 - 2020
  • Set up demos with 4 key cooperators with alternative legumes, manure spreading management & whole farm nutrient management.
  • Tested Soil Quality Field Kit with 7 cooperators. Working with Bill McGill to improve test interpretations for evaluating innovative practices in terms of soil quality.
  • Monitoring soil & crop response to innovative practices.
  • Working with Blackbird Environmental to evaluate spatial extent & variablity of effect of practices.
  • Compiling articles & factsheets (see right hand side for updates).
  • Cohosted 1 field day / tour where 2 cooperators & several innovative soil improvement practices were highlighted.

Funding & Industry Partners:

  • Peace Region Forage Seed Association
  • University of Northern BC
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Blackbird Environmental
  • South Peace Grain
  • BC Business Knowledge Fund
  • Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC