Peace River Forage Association
Research and Development Projects

3-D Wildlife Fencing Project Phase 2

Project Objectives:

Short Term
  1. Determine efficacy of different 3-D fence designs.
  2. Determine solution for chronic wildlife penetration.

Long Term

  1. Establish the 3-D fence as an economical alternative to building permanent exclusion fences.
  2. Increase awareness and uptake of 3-D options.

Project Progress:

  • Project timeline: April 2013 - March 2015
  • Demos of hot/cold grounding set up to eliminate snow insulating effects.
  • Demo of an alternative 3D fencing design (horizontal with diagonal component).
  • Demos of fenceline lures to attrack wildlife to touch electric outer fence.
  • Fencing Field Day with Jim Stone (Oct 2014).
  • Out of region fences built in Southern BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan!
  • Trips to visit Kootney & Ponoka 3D fences (2013 & 2015).
  • 5 forage facts generated (see Factsheets & Resources).
  • Presentations throughout the Alberta and BC Peace Region.
  • Numerous articles in the Forage First newsletter.

Funding & Industry Partners:
  • Funded in part by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of B.C. through programs it delivers on behalf of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture.