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Tess Davidson's ewes teaching lambs to eat thistles.

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Improving Pasture With Bale Grazing & Winter Feeding
& Fall Equinox AGM of PRFA of BC

Thursday, September 22, 2016
1:30 pm meet to vehicle pool at Farmington Community Hall, BC
1:30 to 4:30 pm pasture walks & tailgate talks
4:30 to 8 pm workshop, supper & AGM of PRFA resume at
Farmington Community Hall, BC

We will celebrate the Fall Equinox with an afternoon and evening of activities. We will begin in the field learning about options for improving pastures through bale grazing and winter feeding. Tailgate sessions will team up producers with researchers. Guest speakers will include Grant Lastiwka, Glenn Hogberg, Bill Wilson, Julie Robinson, Ron Buchanan and Sandra Burton. We will then return to the Farmington Community Hall where guest speakers will share both what they learned at last springs conference in central Alberta and what they have learned over several winters experiences in the field. This will be followed by a hot supper and our AGM.

For more information or to register please call Chris or Carolyn or Sandra at 250.789.6885 or email

Alberta Ranchers Winter Grazing Cattle Videos

In partnership with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Chinook Applied Research Association and west Central Forage Association, this series of 47 videos shares the personal perspectives and practices of ranchers across Alberta. It shows how they have implemented management practices to reduce risk in winter grazing systems. Many thanks to Scott Townsend for his skills and hard work putting it all together. Funding for this project was provided through the Growing Forward 2 program.

Click here to check out these 47 new videos.

BC Videos on Teaching Livestock to Graze Weeds

Click here to check out 4 videos from our activities on this project linked to our Facebook page or try googling this topic on YouTube.

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