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Soil Health Forum
With Optional Microscope Workshop
at GPRC Fairview Campus in Fairview, AB

Monday February 11, 2019
10:30 am - 5:30 pm

This interactive forum will feature Dr. Elanine Ingham & Dr. Yamily Zavala, among other special guest speakers. Click here for a complete agenda.

Cost: $80/ member; $100/ non member

For more details or to pre-register
call 780. 835-6799 ext 3 or email

Soil Health Organic Matter & Soil Carbon Workshop
at the Tower Lake Community Hall, BC
East of Mile 26 on Alaska Highway
Thursday February 14, 2019
12:00 - 7:00 pm

Ou guest speakers for this event include Shauna MacKinnon (CAI), Jason Lussier (ACARN) & Kim Cornish (Food Water Wellness Foundation AB). The afternoon will include smaller breakout sessions with Dr. Bill McGill & Sandra Burton, Deborah Henderson, Sidd Paul & Matthias Loeseken and Sheilah Nolan. Click here for a complete agenda.

Cost: $40/ member; $75/ farm

For more information or to pre-register call Julie Robinson at 250.262.7576 or Sandra Burton at 250.789.6885

You & Your Horse Holistically
3rd Workshop in a Series of 4
at the Farmington Community Hall, BC

4794 Parkland Road, Farmington, BC
Saturday March 2, 2019
10:00 - 4:00 pm

Come spend the day with other horse lovers and agriculture enthusiasts. The day will include nutrition for ourselves and our horses, as well as feed quality and testing. We will also look at pastures to understand forage quality/ quantity, weed management and soil health. Our guest speakers for this event include Samantha Dilworth (Exceptional Equine), Lori Vickers (BC Agri), Julie Robinson (Forage Friendly Enterprises) & Sandra Burton (First Resource).
Click here for a complete agenda.

Cost: $75 each with discounts for members & farm units

For more information or to pre-register call Sandra Burton at 250.789.6885

Regional Weather Network in the BC Peace

Did you know that you can access weather data for 20 different areas in the BC Peace? Check it out on this website by selecting the links tab above & then the link with Local Weather Stations or by clicking on this local weather link here.

This network of weather stations throughout the BC Peace provide information on a daily or hourly basis including temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, wind chill and rainfall.

During a recent workshop in Kamloops hosted by ACARN (Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network) Julie Robinson discovered that this information is not only beneficial for us locally, but also well regarded and well used in other research studies being conducted in other parts of the province.

BC Videos on Teaching Livestock to Graze Weeds

Click here to check out 4 videos
from our activities on this project linked to our Facebook page or try googling this topic on YouTube.

Watch here for new video in progress or contact Julie Robinson, Project Lead, Integrated Approach to Productive Forage Stands Using Livestock


Tess Davidson's all star lambs eating thistles. Tess and Howard hosted one of the tour stops on June 15.